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Welcome to the website, the home page of Hadi and Co., Advocates and Notary (hereinafter – the "Office").


The use of the site is designed to receive information concerning the Office's activities, which includes, amongst other things, legal and/or other information. The site is operated and managed by the Office. Therefore, use of the site and any part which is integrated herein, including the services offered herein and/or through it (hereinafter – the "Site") is subject to the terms of use which are specified in this link – and they constitute the exclusive and binding version.


Please read the terms of use carefully before using the Site and make sure that you understand it well, since use of the Site constitutes a declaration by you that you agree to the terms of use below and in the said link and that you undertake to act accordingly with respect to using the Site and/or the services provided to you herein and/or through it.


Information and/or services which appear on the Site, including essays, publications, links to other sites, referrals to other and/or additional information are provided "AS IS" and "AS AVAILABLE" and they do not constitute any guidelines, legal or any other advice of any kind or nature, are not insusceptible to any mistakes or omissions and should not be relied upon for the execution and/or refraining from the execution of any activity whatsoever.


In no event shall the Office bear any liability whatsoever regarding any information and/or services provided on the Site, including with respect to their liability, accuracy, updates, completeness and/or frequency of publications, and it is hereby clarified that the user is completely and exclusively responsible and he is required to consult with legal advisors and any other appropriate professional individual.


This Site may contain hyperlinks to other sites on the Internet and a referral to the aforementioned hyperlink shall not be deemed to be an expression of support, whether express or implied, to the linked site and/or the contents which appear in the linked site; in no event shall the Office bear any liability whatsoever in connection with the services which are provided in the linked site.


Any and all copyright intellectual property rights of any kind or nature which appear on the Site, are exclusively proprietary to the Office. It is absolutely prohibited to copy, publish, perform in public, to transfer to a third party, broadcast, make available to the public, to create any derivative works, to license or make any commercial or non – commercial use, directly or indirectly and/or by means of another individual, any of the aforementioned rights without the prior express written consent of the Office.


The laws of the State of Israel only shall be applicable to these terms and the use of the Site and the sole and exclusive jurisdiction to adjudicate any dispute which arises in connection with the use of the Site, including with respect to these terms of use, shall be granted to the competent courts in the district of Tel-Aviv – Jaffa.

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