Areas of Practice

Hadi & Co. grants a broad range of legal services in the field of civil – commercial law, with an emphasis on the field of corporations, contracts, business entrepreneurship, conducting negotiations, real estate, planning and construction, business license, public and administrative law, banking, intellectual property, tenders, labor law, litigation and matters in the Execution Office.


We work very hard to ensure qualitative and creative treatment for each matter brought to us.

Corporations and Commercial Law

The Office's team has extensive experience and knowledge in setting up companies, partnerships, nonprofit organizations and other corporations. The team is experienced in providing consultation and routine accompaniment in all fields of business activities, commencing from the entrepreneurial state, including preparing founders' agreements, investment agreements, collaboration agreements, marketing and distribution agreements, share distribution agreements, different agreements in the field of hi-tech, employment agreements and corporate secretariat.


The office's team also has experience in liquidation and receiverships of companies, partnerships and nonprofit organizations.


The office's team is highly experienced in managing litigation in all instances of law and before arbitrators and mediators in all its fields of practice. As part of its practice, the office's team pays attention to selecting the most appropriate strategy for each case, with respect to both the ability to succeed and to reduce costs and time.

Intellectual Property and Hi-Tech

The team's office is active in the field of intellectual property and in particular the internet and computers. We accompany hi-tech companies at all stages of their development. Amongst other things, we are experienced in drafting collaboration agreements in the technology environment, including various service agreements in this field. The office's team has vast knowledge in all different areas of intellectual property, including copyrights, trademarks, imitations, designs and more. Our experience in this field and out broad business knowledge allow us to provide a rich response to the office's clients in technology era of our time.

Real Estate, Planning and Design and Business Licenses

The office's team has broad range of experience in the field of real estate and practices in several areas related thereto, amongst other things, in private and business entrepreneurship, planning and housing, business licenses, city property tax, contractor agreements and more. The office is highly experienced in many sales and lease agreements, for both residential and commercial use, handling complex and complicated legal matters, combination agreements, construction entrepreneurship, advising and handling business licenses and planning and housing with the planning and housing committees, administrative appeal committees and in different courts, from both the civil and criminal aspects.

Pledges and Banking

At Hadi & Co, we advise and handle different areas of banking with the banks and litigation in court, while arranging the relationship between the customers, debtors and guarantors with the banks, discharging debts and rescheduling debt arrangements with banks, exercising pledges (mortgages and pledges) and off-bank loans.

Labor Law

We personally and routinely accompany our clients in fields of labor law, including drafting employment agreements for employees, service providers and directors in corporations. Amongst other things, we advise and handle issues for providing compensation and incentives to directors and employees in the organization, protecting intellectual property and protecting our clients' commercial secrets.


In addition, the team manages litigation in the field of labor law, both on behalf of the employer and the employee.

Execution Office

The office's team grants advice to individuals entitled to receive and to debtors in any proceeding before the execution office, while providing thorough legal services to collect and/or arrange the debt, as the case may be, until its conclusion. Within the framework of the office's activities against debtors, there are intensive collecting activities, including adopting various operational activities, such as attachment orders, imposing restrictions on debtors, receiverships, habeas corpus orders and more. In this regard, the office collaborates with private investigators and execution office contractors with the aim at reaching the debtors' assets and exercising them in the most efficient manner. Within this framework, the office has acquired a certain practice also as receivers for debtors' assets.